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In Writing

Alexis O'Hara's Portal

April 2009


"A resource center for interdisciplinary artists. There's a directory of artists who are performers, audio-artists, social engineers, public art makers etc... But what I visit most regularly is the section that allows you to read calls for work. A good 40-50% of my glamorous interdisciplinary art practice involves filling out applications, this is a good resource for finding out about a festival in Finland, for instance, calling for works that revolve around walking, or a residency here or far-flung there."

Casa Del Popolo

"This is the calendar for the Casa del Popolo & The Sala Rossa, two of the best venues in Montreal for live music, book launches & readings, cabarets & the like. Right now the Casa listings are pretty paltry because there has been some outrageous civic repression to shut down music venues that don't have official 'spectacle' permits (and they are hard to obtain). There is some irony to the fact that the city is tearing up a bit part of the downtown core to build 'Le quartier des spectacles' which, of course, will be big mainstream venues for mainstream audiences. All the while, underground culture, the real heart of what makes Montreal such a vibrant city, is being squashed over what some believe is a turf war between the bikers & the cops (or maybe I'm making that up)."

52 Pick-Up

"My friend, artist Dayna McLeod created & manages it. Folks are invited to take the challenge and make one video a week. I've been on board since the beginning, so that's about 15 so far. I've given myself the right to make awful/boring videos if I have to (though that is NOT the goal!), the point is just to make one a week. It's been very helpful for my own state of mind, because so many of my projects are taking so long to finish, just to finish one video every week."

Villa Villa Nola

"This is my friend Brendan Reed's endeavor and it's just great. It's a site that sells recordings of local artists. Some of the releases are web only, others stem from small labels that may have released limited edition CDs. You can listen to a lot of stuff and watch a lot of videos. The range of musical styles is pretty impressive, from dreamy milkshake pop-hop of Dishwasher to the demented bendertronics (yes I am making up these terms but watch them spread like wildfire) of Gambletron to mad scientist robot-musician builder Maxime de la Rochefoucauld. Honestly it's just embarrassing that I haven't gotten my shit together to send Brendan some stuff o' mine. I need an assistant. Brendan's band Clues are about to release their album on Constellation, and then he'll become so famous, he'll never return my calls. Damn."

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