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Archive Trails Portal

March 2011

The Archive Trails project – a twelve week residency at the School Of Scottish Studies Archives with Aileen Campbell, Alasdair Roberts, and Drew Wright – is featured in The Wire 325

Tobar an Dualchais

"Surely just about the greatest archival digitisation project out there! Tobar an Dualchais (Kist o' Riches) brings together the collections of the School Of Scottish Studies Archives, BBC Scotland, and Canna House. Thousands of sound recordings from all over Scotland and lots of different ways to browse them."

Folk Play Research Home Page

"Not an archive portal per se, but a pretty exhaustive (or exhausting) resource for anybody anxious to learn more about British folk plays such as Galoshins, which Alasdair Roberts is presently researching in the School Of Scottish Studies."


"Huge collection of hard-to-find documentary films about American roots cultures. The site also has a curated strand of films relating to particular themes, which serves as an easy entry point. Totally absorbing."

Music & Songs in Laos

"Limited but very tasty selection of folk musics from Laos and Thailand (via the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University). Hunt around and you'll find folk opera and tales here as well."

Cultural Equity

"Alan Lomax's independent archive of his own recordings, including material from his UK visits in the 1950s. This collection is in the care of the Association for Cultural Equity, an organisation founded by Lomax in the 80s "to explore and preserve the world's expressive traditions with humanistic commitment and scientific engagement."

Digital Library Of Appalachia

"Wherein the Appalachian College Association provides access to the digitised collections of 34 member archives, museums and libraries. There's a massive amount of (mainly Appalachian) music available here, though the site can be a little cranky."

Le Fonds Brailoiu

"Personal collection of the mighty Romanian ethnomusicologist Constantin Brailoiu made available by the Musee d'Ethnographie de Geneve. Genuinely global in scope, including material otherwise unavailable online."

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