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Arrington de Dionyso Portal

May 2009

The Autodidact Project

"This site is operated by a "self-taught" scholar named Ralph Dumain. He has seemingly hundreds of pages of his writing on this site, essays about all sorts of things. I found this site while trying to find information about William Blake in translation, and it turns out he's quite the expert in William Blake; he also has quite a lot to say about all kinds of culturally critical issues, from Chinese philosophy to Sun Ra to bad movies to Esperanto. I don't want to say I agree with everything on there and "endorse" his views necessarily, but I have found his site to be one of the most stimulating things to read this entire month."

Henry Flynt

"This is most if not all of Henry Flynt's various essays about all kinds of things – to be honest I don't understand even a tenth of what he's talking about with his theoretical mathematics and writings about logic or anti-logic or whatever he wants to call it, but he has some very insightful things to say about culture. His piece about studying with Pandit Pran Nath is really great, reverential and respectful without pandering in the sort of hokey way that some people do when they get absorbed into the Indian Music world. He has a very analytical way of communicating his subjective experiences with music, art, culture, love, the psychedelic and trans-rational states of being."

Le Dernier Cri

"Le Dernier Cri was founded by Pakito Bolino in Marseilles, France. It's a publishing house and workshop for hand-made silk screened books featuring an international assortment of artists mostly working in very, um, how do you say, extreme graphic styles. I mean, you name it, sexual, scatological, disturbing to every kind of conventional sensibility. Le Dernier Cri bares it all open and makes me feel like a prude. My most grotesque and nightmarish visions seem like Disney cartoons next to a Dernier Cri book...there's also lots of crazy animations on this site that you can only get to by clicking "secret" links so that's kind of fun, too."


"I also go to this website frequently, mostly to see if anyone has left me a comment. This website seems to be shrinking in popularity among my social class, now everybody wants to do Facebook instead for their networking time. I am really confused by Facebook and I don't think it's right for me. I will say however I am not happy about all the people who write me on MySpace wanting to help me promote my band, because most of these people don't seem to have ever heard my band. Also, if there really was somebody who wanted to help me promote my band it would be difficult to tell them apart from all the phonies out there."

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