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September 2010


"Hosted by Dr. Patrick Feaster, a researcher and enthusiast of early phonography who also sells CD compilations of historical sound recordings, including home amateur recordings."

Center For Visual Music Library

"As well as hosting the Oskar Fischinger and Mary Ellen Bute research pages, the Center For Visual Music have a fantastic online library and bibliography with references to colour organs, visual music and abstract animation."

"Recalling the boundless collecting habits of Henry Wellcome (on view at the Wellcome Collection, London), a London-based GP has enthusiastically catalogued some of his private collection of antique medical and surgical instruments. My favourite section is the Ear trumpets."

Grand Illusions

"Curious shop selling magic tricks, optical illusions and music toys."

Steven Connor

"Amazing prolific writer, an inspiration, dear friend and colleague, Steven Connor has posted many of his varied articles online, as well as the Dumbstruck Archive, a literary and visual supplement to his book on the history of ventriloquism."

The Society For Psychical Research

"Founded in 1882, The Society For Psychical Research was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models."


"UbuWeb's partner GreyLodge is an incredible online resource, home of the Grey Lodge Occult Review and Grelodge podcast"

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