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May 2012

Follow Ralph Cumbers aka Bass Clef's top picks of the web. Cumbers is featured in The Wire 340 in an article by Joseph Stannard.

Blog To The Oldskool Pete runs my absolute favourite music blog, writing about Jungle and rave gems with the kind of pithy nonchalance that belies its insight. Edutainment at its finest.

Lands Of Dreams Stills of video art works in progress they may be, but to me they are delicious masterpieces, like a slideshow of a hypnagogic wonderland safari. So synaesthetic I can imagine what they taste like.

Sub-Urban: Main Drainage Of The Metropolis All you ever wanted to know about London's extensive network of sewers, conduited rivers, and buried Victorian architecture.

In Twin Peaks Fantastically uber-autistic (autastic?) documentation of the Twin Peaks universe. Highlights are many, but include: a page of screengrabs of empty rooms, all the owls ever featured, and attempts to trace all the props from in the series.

Acid Age I don't take drugs, but now I can enjoy them vicariously via this lysergically-curated collection of weird and wildness: thanks Mr.CCC.

Cipher Mysteries I am deeply drawn to The Voynich Manuscript, despite the fact that for all of its unfathomable qualities it's quite a crappy-looking thing. Anyway, this is a great site discussing it, the problems involved in researching it, and more besides.

Garfield Minus Garfield And for dessert some light relief. Or is it? Existential angst writ large and lonesome.

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