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Brandon LaBelle's Portal

March 2010

Critical Practice

"I've recently been discovering the Critical Practice project (connected to Chelsea College of Art), I'm immediately struck by the questions about "publicness" they are raising, and the openness with which they also seek to expose their research through on-line presence."


"The collaborative projects of Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda I find very inspiring, and greatly value how they are seeking to engage the relation between actual and virtual sites."

Fugitive Sound

"A blog which I started last year, which may be a sort of search for the periphery and how sonic practices may make an experimental claim at being public."

16 Beaver Group

"I'm always interested to follow the 16 Beaver group, and their related activities and initiatives. Their desire to maintain an active forum for meeting, interaction and discussion relates very much to my own sense for being an artist."

Estúdio Livre

"Having been in contact with the Estúdio Livre project and people for some years, I greatly admire and appreciate their involvement in the question of "free media" and related politics."

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