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In Writing

Carlos Casas Portal

May 2010

Aldo Tambellini

"My friends Giulio and Pia, who introduced me to this artist, are working on a volume dedicated to him. His work is amazing and we at Von Archives are hoping to do something about him, hopefully presenting his work to future generations. One of the forgotten masters of the avant garde."

Unspoken Cinema

"Blog containing articles about film makers I consider key today. I use Unspoken Cinema as source of inspiration, reading and keeping updated on influential artists."

Senses Of Cinema

"A film makers paradise, featuring interviews with prominent film makers and critics. I wander through this site at least once a month to discover or rediscover key texts."

Parade Parades

"This is the site of a project I developed with Arto Lindsay and Italian curator Andrea Lissoni. It's a journey through the concept of parades in contemporary culture. The work began as a book and was then developed as Arto Lindsay's parade in the Biennale in Venice last year. A collaboration with Fondazione Claudio Buziol, Venice."


"An amazing and insightful blog covering all things related to architecture and art..."

El Timbe

"The latest experiment of El Timbe, Barcelona's most unconventional tropical DJ. El Timbe develops cross over mixes between Cumbia and Dubstep, and other interesting mixtures of latin bass rhythms… I went to one of his parties in Barcelona and got hung on his groove."


"Canedicoda is one of the greatest artists in Italy, crossing from print to sound, an unconventional, and personal universe… Part of one of the most stimulating scenes in Italy. Vittorio Veneto forever! Also check"

Toxico Cultura

"A blog mainly about photography an anything related to contemporary thought... Very refreshing, cross-cultural and cross disciplinary."

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