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Cathi Unsworth's Portal

January 2010

Simon Crubellier's Photostream

"I try to look at it each day, for inspiration from Simon's beautiful pictures and to keep up with the rather amusing dialogues that go on there. 'Simon' is a friend of mine going years back, and his photography is truly amazing. He sees the little things that I and most other people would miss. We have worked together recently on an illustrated talk for Bishopsgate Institute called Hauntology, where I talked about writers who saw the Londoners nobody sees and he provided photographs of street people, graffiti and lonely, suggestive London locations. It worked like a dream."

Nude Magazine

"I take a look at it at least a couple of times a week to amuse myself, learn new things and to gawp at wonderful outsider art. They have a great shop, and a great backlist of articles on the music, writers and artists that rarely get mentioned elsewhere. They are into the same pop culture as I am, and they let me write articles that do not get cut or messed with. They offer a platform for talented voices and a sense of community that is hard to find these days.

Crime Squad

"They are my favourite crime fiction website, a labour of love with a punk fanzine quality, but more than that, they are spot on in their choices. They are also very keen on promoting new writers, which they do a brilliant job with. They have always been behind me and my work, which of course I appreciate, and have opened my eyes to a lot of good new writers. Who couldn't love a webzine who described your first novel as: "Brash, trashy and fabulous!"?

Stewart Home Society

"A goldmine you can never get to the end of. I visit this site often as I can to find out about rare and brilliant books of London's past and read Stewart's always scintillating prose and opinions. He is one of my favourite writers and he knows his pop culture, a constant inspiration."

Sohemian Society

"The Sohemians celebrate the lost writers, poets, artists and piss-artists of Soho, an area that is as much a state of mind as a geographical location. They frequently host very interesting talks upstairs in The Wheatsheaf, the chosen pub of many a dissolute scribe, so it's worth checking their front page for upcoming dos. I am interested in the same areas of history as them and sometimes they let me do talks for them to. They are a ripping bunch of spivs. "


Hi, I have been searching for an email address for Simon Crubelier for some time and picked up your name through the photography threads. Simon,(surname McNally) is originally from Belfast and is the son of the late Kathleen Feenan a respected actor with the Group Theatre, Belfast during the 40s/50s. I wish to include her in my web reference, and would hope to make contact with Simon in this regard. This may be a shot in the dark,but if by some chance you read this would you please forward my email address to him.
Regards, John Kernaghan

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