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August 2010

London Riot Re-enactment Society

"The London Riot Re-enactment Society will stage re-enactments of noted riots from London's history, with some attempt at historical accuracy. You are no doubt aware of the widespread popularity of historical re-enactment societies, you may also be aware of moves to re-enact more recent events in history. The London Riot Re-enactment Society was inspired by the idea that we can re-enact not the distant past, but events that we remember and may actually have taken part in."


"Futurefrock's mission is to deliver directional high end fashion and beauty news to discerning fashionistas who don't want to compromise their ethical beliefs in order to feed their style fixes."

Vertigo Magazine

Vertigo magazine started in 1993 and continues to focus on new independent film and moving image. Vertigo also runs a website with an online edition of their magazine along with organising a variety of special events.


Baxter says: "The forthcoming exhibition at London's Raven Row gallery, Gone With The Wind, features the work of Walter Marchetti, one of the most self-effacing and recalcitrant 20th century avant-garde artists. This excellent and wide-ranging magazine features the only English language interview with him, by Howard Slater."

La Magia

"The emphasis throughout the entire business is quality and attention to detail, and we are genuinely passionate about delivering the best customer experience at every step. You can see this in all areas; from our state-of-the-art website which is wholly designed and developed by us, all the way through to our bespoke satin packaging that is produced in-house to ensure our lingerie and corsetry is delivered to you in style."

Dead by Dawn, Brixton, 1994–96

"Dead by Dawn was a techno and speedcore club in Brixton, South London that ran from 26 February 1994 until 6 April 1996. In itself this was nothing particularly unusual – at the time it felt that every available social space was being taken over by record decks, speaker stacks and dancers, and in Brixton there was plenty of techno to be heard of various varieties. But Dead by Dawn was unique, and not just because its music was the hardest and fastest to be heard in London."


"Daniel Sayer founded rabblewise films in 2001 to create feature films, documentaries and video art."

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