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Dalglish Portal

June 2011

Ian Liddle

"Ian Liddle is a British illustrator and graphic artist residing in Berlin. He did the cover for the recent Dalglish Benacah DrannDeachd and O.S.T. Waetka albums."

History Always Favours The Winners

James Kirby's (aka V/Vm, Leyland Kirby and The Caretaker) new website with links to his recent releases. You can also listen to his new album An Empty Bliss Beyond This World.

Jorinde Voigt

"Jorinde Voigt lives and works in Berlin. Her meticulous drawings are schematic yet of the natural world, reminiscent of ocean current charts and water droplets falling in slow motion into a pool. They are part timeline, part electronic wiring diagram, part exotic system of musical notation which chronicles subjective experience."

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