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July 2011

Dan Wilson's article on Daphne Oram, co-founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and inventor of the Oramics machine, is in The Wire 330.

Leslie Flint

"The 'independent voice' medium Leslie Flint visited Daphne Oram's family home in Wiltshire during the second world war, at which time he was stationed nearby at a non-combatant camp. The Daphne Oram Collection contains a summary transcription of a Flint séance by Daphne Oram's father which is a rare early record of Flint's mediumship..."

Eye On Research - The Six Parameters Of PAT

"This rarely seen Eye On Research episode is devoted to Edinburgh University's Parametric Artificial Talker - PAT. First broadcast on Tuesday 28 October, 1958, it reports on developments in speech studies and demonstrates PAT's capabilities. Daphne Oram visited the university on numerous occasions to learn about this machine which featured hand-painted visual control of formant parameters...

Chance Encounter Of An Oscilloscope And Some Plywood On A Snooker Table

"This video interview with Graham Wrench was premiered at The Wire Salon in April 2011. Wrench discusses his background, his early meeting with Daphne Oram, and how he overcame the technical issues the Oramics machine presented."

Graham Wrench's Blog - Tomorrow's Memories Today

"Graham Wrench's thoughts and writings are to be found here. Wrench was the engineer responsible for creating the basis of Daphne Oram's Oramics machine."

Cymatics: Bringing Matter To Life With Sound

"In the summer of 1970, London's ICA staged Vibrating World, a comprehensive exhibition of Hans Jenny's 'cymatic' experiments. The pattern-forming effects of vibration had been previously explored by Ernst Chladni, Margaret Watts-Hughes, Joseph Goold and Mary Désirée Waller...

Up, Down And Across In Kings Cross

"Up, Down And Across In Kings Cross is a 2009 collaboration between myself and Toby Clarkson. It employs a modern optophonic technique similar in principle to Oramics. A modified buggy featuring one camera pointing up, another pointing down, is wheeled through Kings Cross to capture visual source material, which is then fed into custom software to be converted to sound...

Harmonic Theory

"The fields of ancient music, sacred geometry and astrology were of great interest to Daphne Oram. Connie Achilles' website collects together numerous findings and builds upon this esoteric tradition."

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