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DJ /Rupture Portal

October 2011

Musician and composer DJ /Rupture aka Jace Clayton is featured in The Wire 333 in an article by Peter Shapiro.


DJ /Rupture says: "I made it down to Occupy Wall Street today – last I was there was 3 weeks ago. It has evolved. It is alive."

Beyond Digital Morocco

"I have an extremely difficult time explaining to my mother what I do with my life, so this video we put together proved useful as it explained my June 2011 visit to Morocco. We've upped more videos from Morocco on the Beyond Digital Project YouTube channel."

Sahel Sounds

"I just had Chris Kirkley, the guy who runs Sahel Sounds, on my WFMU radio show. So many music blogs just rehash press release emails, upping the same batch of songs and buzzwords in a furious circle. It's so dull. In wonderful contrast, Chris provides a stunning amount of context and ground level observations from his time in the Sahel and West Africa… alongside consistently mind blowing music."


"Damien is all about preserving Maghrebi vinyl, especially material produced in Marseilles in the 1960s and 70s. This French language site forms part of that. I love small scale blogs that focus on shared obsessions. Plus, getting out of the 'English frame' is always nice."


"Monoskop is a “Living archive of writings on art, culture and media technology.” I try to minimize the amount of time I spend staring at glowing screens. But PDFs have been the new MP3s for awhile now – which means, I download them, sometimes, but I never find time to read them."

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