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Ed Baxter Portal

May 2011

Resonance FM's programming director Ed Baxter has curated an exhibition at London's Raven Row gallery that looks at the relationship between sound and art. Entitled Gone With The Wind, the show features work by Max Eastley, Takehisa Kosugi and Walter Marchetti and is featured in an article by Clive Bell in The Wire 328. It takes place 9 June–17 July.


Baxter says: "The forthcoming exhibition at London's Raven Row gallery, Gone With The Wind, features the work of Walter Marchetti, one of the most self-effacing and recalcitrant 20th century avant-garde artists. This excellent and wide-ranging magazine features the only English language interview with him, by Howard Slater."

The Unobserved

Baxter says: "Resonance FM's Tania Ketenjian is Editor in Chief of this savvy online radio magazine which gathers together many gems in a judicious and engaging manner."

You Are Listening To Chicago

Baxter says: "Drone music meets real-time police reports meets Flickr. A symptomatic real-time collage of the uneventful and the urgent and a good use of available technology."

Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy

Baxter says: "As I get older I find I can't keep philosophical ideas in my head so easily. This is obviously brilliant, an intellectual gold mine, an invaluable aide memoire – and an education."


Baxter says: "A high band-width network dedicated to artistic, educational and cultural experimentation and exchange. A great place to get lost."

Sonic Art Research Unit

Baxter says: "I first met Max Eastley in 1990 when he kindly performed in a swimming pool for London Musicians' Collective's "Fiume" extravaganza. He's currently attached to Oxford Brookes University as a research fellow. Their Sonic Art Research Unit's website is a bit of a mishmash but gives an indication of a diverse range of contemporary sound-art practice."

Esther Ferrer

Baxter says: "Ferrer was a member of ZAJ, the Spanish avant-garde movement co-founded by Walter Marchetti. She's agreed to perform at Raven Row gallery in June – a very rare event. Check out the images and interview on for a taste of what to expect from one of the true originals of performance art."

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