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Edgard Varèse Portal

March 2010


"Footage of Pierre Boulez conducting the Ensemble InterContemporain playing Ionisation by Edgard Varèse.

Poeme Électronique

Varèse's work composed for the Philips pavilion at the 1958 Brussels Worlds Fair. Designed by the architect Le Corbusier with assistance from Iannis Xenakis (whose own composition, Concrèt PH was used as interlude music whilst the audiences entered and exited the pavilion), Poeme Électronique comprised of a giant model of the atom hung from the ceiling, film projections and 425 speakers placed throughout the building.


Three part YouTube stream of Varèse's composition for orchestra, percussion and sirens. Written between 1918 and 1921 when the composer had just moved to the United States.


1961 composition for soprano, male chorus and orchestra, with text adapted from The House Of Incest, a book written by the diarist and author, Anaïs Nin.


Hyperprism for wind and percussion, composed by Varèse 1922–1923

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