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January 2009

To Knoxville 29/12/2008: Nightclubs

"I use these daily to check on upcoming shows and research/archives, via their list of bands who have played (a bit skimpy on the shows right now because of the holidays.)"

To Knoxville 30/12/2008: Labels

"I use this a few times a week to monitor Whisk-Hutzel and Laboratory Standard activity, check on new releases and communicate with them."

To Knoxville 31/12/2008: Knoxville Voice

"These two may seem shamelessly self-promoting — the paper I work for and my blog — but there's not much other local media coverage of the bands mentioned in the Wire article."

To Knoxville 01/01/2009: 24 Hour Nuclear War

"An aural guerilla project, the group solicited contributions of cover versions of the Sun Ra Arkestra song 'Nuclear War' and broadcast them using homemade transmitters."

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