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Felix Kubin Portal

June 2010

Bas Jan Ader

"I visit this site for its visual intensity and poetic beauty (and every time I need to see a man cry). I have never seen a website like this; one that immediately catapults me out of time. Many aspects of artist Bas Jan Ader touch me: the fact that he followed his path without exactly knowing where it would lead to, searching for his own language of expression, simplicity of means, romantic obscurity (mysticism?), no compromises. No distinction (differentation?) between life and art. It has a religious quality. One day he just disappeared. That's an idea that I can very much relate to."


"I visit this site everytime I want to be confused. From time to time I try to figure out how the Daxophon works. Hans Reichel, the inventor of the incredible Daxophon instrument (and creator of this site), is also a typographer. I feel attracted to personalities who are able to translate the language/expression of one discipline to a completely different field. Reichel's instruments not only sound completely outlandish but their wooden tongues also look like letters."

Ultra Eczema

"I visit everytime I have a lack of dirt on my retina for its great and silly drawings and great and silly sounds. Dennis Tyfus who runs the label is a friend of mine. I love his drawings (he made a great cover for the Pete Um release on Gagarin Records). He's a good curator and one of the few big mouths who really go for the idea of experimental music. I wish there'd be more of his kind out there."


"Everytime I want to discover new music (combinations) and films I visit L'étranger. It's a great radio programme from Brussles with a combination of art, music and punk mentality. The host, Kosten Koper a.k.a. de Zeehond was the ideologist of the Scottish Heathen label DISKONO. He's got a brilliant knowledge about (non-institutional) art and is a good writer. A while ago he made a documentary film about art collectives in Belgium that I liked a lot. There is always an aggressive undertone in his works. One of the intellectuals who hates intellectuals and thus: himself. Don't we love that?"

Berliner Bart-Club

"When I made my radio play Wiederhole 1-8 (Repeat 1-8) about instruction manuals for WDR in 2008, I wanted to include descriptions about how to create special beards and how to take care of them. This website helped a lot. I met the chairman of the "Berliner Bartclub" who wears a "royal mutton chops, freestyle".

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