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Global Ear: Beijing Portal

June 2011

Josh Feola looks at Beijing's Noise scene in The Wire 329.

Nojiji/Raying Temple

"Nojiji is one of China's only fully DIY experimental music labels, focusing on harsh noise, free jazz and warped post rock created by a small community of self-selected outcasts. The same group operates Raying Temple, an ultra-remote DIY performance space/recording studio/bar in Tongzhou, an industrial suburb of Beijing."

Zoomin' Night Live Recordings

"Zoomin' Night is a weekly experimental music showcase hosted at D-22, a small venue located in Beijing's university district. Zoomin' attracts a dedicated scene of university students and recent graduates every week who fuse post-punk, No Wave, early Krautrock, Modernist minimalism and other forms that have only recently percolated into China."


"Subjam is a mothership for the various projects of Yan Jun, a pioneer of Chinese sound art. Subjam – along with its sub-labels Kwanyin Records, Yaji, and Mini-Kwanyin – has published a vast catalogue of field recordings, concrete poetry, sound art, collections of music writing, independent films, and design books. Subjam has also organized hundreds of live performances and music festivals over the last decade."


"An amazing resource of recordings and articles on Chinese sound art and experimental music. It is maintained by Yao Dajun from Taiwan, but has extensive connections to mainland artists."

Beijing Sounds

"This site compiles field recordings from Beijing. The primary focus is linguistic, cataloguing different dialects with detailed explanations of regional variations in pronunciation and vocabulary. Regardless of your Chinese proficiency, it's an interesting resource to hear the variety of the Beijing soundscape."

Rock In China

"A comprehensive wiki with articles on the most important musicians, groups, venues, labels, and events in the relatively short history of independent Chinese music. Despite the name, Rock In China covers all genres, including rock, punk, Heavy Metal, jazz, folk, and more left-field strains of noise and electronic music."


"A resource for discovering avant garde/emerging music from Beijing and elsewhere in China via streaming audio, video, reviews, interviews, and articles about independent Chinese art, music, and film. Pangbianr also organizes live performances and film screenings in Beijing."

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