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Global Ear: Hong Kong Portal

May 2011

"Based in Brookline, MA, and part-funded by the US National Endowment For The Humanities, Morning Sun is presented by the Independent TV Service and the Center For Asian American Media. One section offers period music, excerpts from feature films, the text of Mao's Little Red Book, personal diaries, and magazine articles; another focuses on the Mao cult. There are plentiful film-clips, music and images of the revolution."

This month's Global Ear on Hong Kong is co-authored by Andy Hamilton & James Steintrager.


"A charity dedicated to promoting and educating about sound art and sound culture in Hong Kong and beyond. Along with descriptions of innovative projects and sonic interventions, the design of the site alone is worth the click."

White Noise

"Website of the Hong Kong independent record store and event promoter White Noise. Online sales to anywhere with a particularly strong Japanese selection. Anyone visiting Hong Kong and interested in the music scene should check here for events. Lots of further links too."

The Hidden Agenda

"Events and archives from The Hidden Agenda: Hong Kong’s best – and truly most difficult to find – venue for post-rock, punk, the hard edge of jazz, and more. Located upstairs in an old light industrial building in far-flung Kwun Tong."

Peter Scherr

"Website of Peter Scherr, Hong Kong-based bass player, composer, and organiser – “musical strategist” in his own words – of local and global jazz crossings in the Special Autonomous Region and its environs. Includes a shop page for those interested in purchasing music by Jazz Folk and other Scherr projects."

Fringe Club

"Site of probably the most important alternative art space in HK, the Fringe Club, in Hong Kong's Central district. The club provides patrons with music, exhibitions, shows, talks and food."

Morning Sun

"A remarkable, in-depth and extensive website on the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the Maoist upheaval of 1964–76."

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