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In Writing

Helena Gough Portal

July 2010


"A London/Birmingham collective of artists responsible for irregular happenings/radio actions. The most recent of these have seen new work and performances by artists including William Bennett, Marcus Schmickler, Justice Yeldham, Evol, Eddie Prevost, Mattin, Phill Niblock, Mark Wastell, the Bohman Brothers, John Wall and Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock / Schimpfluch-Gruppe…"

Esther Venrooy

"Venrooy's works range from purely electronic composed music to improvised combinations of electronica with traditional instrumentation such as piano, guqin, pipa and satsuma-biwa. Since 2006 she has created site-specific works as well as multimedia performances and installations. Much of her work has been released on CD or vinyl and has received good critical acclaim."


Website of the Swiss installation and sound artist, Zimoun, with extensive video documentation.

Compost & Height

"If we consider the layers of a compost heap as strata, then the foremost layers can be seen to be the beginning of a process. This commencement however, is a significant distance from its purpose. To return again from the height to the collective earth, binding with loam to create stronger roots and utilising the inevitability of decomposition. The point in time becomes displaced, the interoceptive becomes the exteroceptive as the compost creates a horizon that has no discernible boundary. The growth stems from indeterminacy. It is an 'open' situation, in movement. A work in progress."

Matt Hulse

"Matt is cutting A Pilgrimage, a Super 8 film document of a free-spirited journey by 40+ pilgrims pulling a mobile cinema through Scotland’s Great Glen, a project inspired and guided by Mark Cousins and Tilda Swinton. He recently co-directed and edited a gallery film for The Fruitmarket show Air Iomlaid in collaboration with artist Julie Brook. In collaboration with jewellery artist Adam Paxon he created a film, The Manual, a portrait of silversmith Drummond H Masterton..."

The Watchful Ear

"Richard Pinnell is a grumpy old Englishman. He owns ten times as much music as he has time to listen to, but for some strange reason this doesn’t stop him acquiring more. He runs the Cathnor Recordings label and between 2006 and 2008 co-presented the audition radio programme on Resonance FM. He also writes about music both here and elsewhere, and this blog is designed to gather all of these strands together into one easily avoidable place."

TED Talks

Online archive of the Technology, Entertainment, Design conference. TED began in 1984, launching their website archive in 2007. The conference features lectures from "thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes)."

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