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Ian Hodgson Portal

August 2011

Ian Hodgson aka Moon Wiring Club wrote The Wire 331 Inner Sleeve on Höhner Accordion Orchestra Hamburg/Heinz Funk's Accordion Evergreen album.

Julie Verhoeven

"The elegant, scruffy-exquisite style of Julie Verhoeven is constantly rewarding, sensual and fun. Her distinctive moody, melancholic rainbow-hued girls exist in both fashion and art worlds in a way that's rather unique. She's massively inspirational to me."

Silent UK - Urban & Underground Photography

"Anyone with a penchant for abandoned underground railway stations and the like will almost certainly have this site bookmarked."

The Church Mice On The Moon

"Graham Oakley's Church Mice stories are some of the most delightfully illustrated children's books of the last 40 years. The Church Mice On The Moon is probably my favourite story, the detail, humour and lovely penmanship have a wonderful charm. Nobody draws a friendly cat in a graveyard like Graham Oakley."

Great Gatsby Game

"A veritable internet sensation, the mixture of classic literature and Nintendo Entertainment System design gives this a unique flavour, swirling beyond parody or pastiche into a taste of real otherness. Possibly the finest artistic creation of the year."

Umberto Eco

""You have to oblige yourself not to learn everything. Or else you will learn nothing." This 2008 Paris Review interview with Umberto Eco is a real treat. An extended transcript of a conversation with a unique brain, practically every paragraph contains potential for thoughtful investigation."


"The Hipopotama studio collection of Polish book design & illustration contains a practically inexhaustible collection of beautiful, inspirational imagery. An absolute joy."

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