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ICES 72 and Harvey Matusow Portal

January 2012

Find out more about Harvey Matusow, American ex-Communist and McCarthy collaborator-turned-avant garde impresario. Matusow promoted the International Carnival of Experimental Sound (ICES) at London's Roundhouse in 1972. ICES 72 – which involved AMM, John Cage, Cornelius Cardew, Annea Lockwood, Steve Beresford, Lol Coxhill, David Bedford, Charlotte Moorman, Penny Rimbaud and many more – is featured in an article by Julian Cowley in The Wire 336.

Harvey Matusow Interview with Charlotte Moorman, 1970 Charlotte Moorman gives Harvey Matusow some food for thought as she looks back on the Festival of Avant-Garde Arts she ran in New York.

Harvey Matusow on ICES ‘72, and other international endeavors, 1972 Harvey launches his ICES mission on a wave of hot air; Charles Amirkhanian hosts the show, Source editors Stan Lunetta and Art Woodbury lend their support. Lars-Gunnar Bodin of Stockholm’s Fylkingen Society and Robert Ashley are also present. Ashley seems to suspect that a critical distance is required.

Amra/Arma comic book Stan Lunetta’s site, offering a chance to enjoy the comic book created to commemorate the adventures surrounding his group Amra/Arma’s ritual performance at the Rüne House of Flun Doon.

Harvey Matusow archive An introduction to the Harvey Matusow archive held at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK. Part of the archive contains a collection of papers about McCarthy’s Communist ‘witch-hunts’ of the 1950s, with another dedicated to underground art, magazines and music from Matusow's time in New York and London in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Jacques Bekaert The website of the truly remarkable Jacques Bekaert – composer, graphic artist, photographer, writer, gourmet, journalist and diplomat. Bekaert met Harvey Matusow in 1970 while Matusow was first planning the ICES concerts. Bekaert later attended ICES as a member of Transition, an improvising group with Belgian pianist Michel Herr and Takehisa Kosugi and Ryo Koike of The Taj Mahal Travellers.

Stringless Yoyo Excerpts from Matusow’s unfinished autobiography, Stringless Yoyo.

Harvey Matusow's Jew's Harp Band, 1969 A track from the 1969 LP The War Between Fats And Thins by Harvey Matusow’s Jew's Harp Band. The group included Ann(e)a Lockwood and Leslie Kenton, daughter of jazz bandleader Stan Kenton.


Yet more can be learnt about Harvey Matusow in my one-man stage show The Trials of Harvey Matusow, premiered at the 2010 Brighton Festival and described, by Plays International, as "the best one-hander I have seen this year". The show is set during Matusow's years of English exile, and though it focuses primarily on his past McCarthyite infamy, there's also a strong flavour of his avant-garded artistic endeavours, including Ices '72. Performances are somewhat intermittent, but there are updates at and there's a trailer at

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