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Jim O'Rourke Primer Portal

July 2011

Yusef Sayed's Primer on the guitarist/improvisor/producer Jim O'Rourke is in The Wire 330.

Live At SuperDeluxe

"Live At SuperDeluxe is an excerpt from a 2011 performance by Jim O'Rourke at Tokyo's Roppongi SuperDeluxe venue. Since relocating to Japan in 2006, O'Rourke has performed there regularly, both solo and in a variety of collaborations."

United Red Army

The theatrical trailer for Koji Wakamatsu's United Red Army. "The film (scored by Jim O'Rourke) dramatises the brutal inter-faction conflict amongst members of a radical Japanese leftist group, which eventually led to the Asama-Sansō hostage crisis in February 1972. A ferocious film, it contributes to the fascinating history of the student leftist movement and the volatile socio-political climate in Japan following the Second World War."

Funeral Parade Of Roses

"Jim O'Rourke contributed an essay on Japanese New Wave cinema for the Masters Of Cinema DVD release of Funeral Parade Of Roses, directed by Toshio Matsumoto. O'Rourke's extensive knowledge of Japan's 1960s and 1970s film history is evident here – a period of boundary pushing film making and theatre which is still not very well recognised in the West."

Suicidal 10cc

"Suicidal 10cc is a duo made up of musician, novelist and film critic Masaya Nakahara and Jim O'Rourke. The two have played in Japan on many occasions in the past four years, but sadly have so far not released any recorded material. As the live videos attest, it would no doubt be a playful and punishing audio document if they did."

Little Murders

"Earlier this year, Jim O'Rourke wrote an article about Alan Arkin's little known masterpiece Little Murders, for Sight And Sound magazine, blending personal history, film history, and criticism. The article highlights the unique narrative trajectory of Jules Feiffer's original play, upon which Little Murders is based. The article indirectly sheds further light on O'Rourke's own narrative strategies in his songwriting."

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