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Joseph Stannard's Horror Portal

December 2010

In addition to its atmosphere of ‘backwoods horror’ BMT’s recent album Black Goat Of The Woods (Aurora Borealis) exudes an air of cosmic menace which can be traced back to the Weird Fiction of Arthur Machen and HP Lovecraft, conjecturing an aesthetic located on the membranous threshold between Shub Niggurath and Gunnar Hansen.

Retro Slashers: The Guide To Slasher Movies

Dedicated to "unearthing forgotten horror" this informative and engaging website is host to an ever expanding array of reviews, articles and interviews overwhelmingly concerned with fictional knife/axe/chainsaw/pitchfork-wielding maniacs and their unfortunate victims...

British Horror Films

For a decade, Chris Wood has single handedly maintained a website concentrating solely on horror cinema of a distinctly British taint.

Jade Boyd

A dreamer of pictures, Jade Boyd is an Australian video artist residing in Norway...


As Jigoku, British DJs Cherrystones and Lovely Jon indulge their shared obsession with exotic horror and psychedelia, combining their visual cut-ups with looped soundtrack fragments to create a hypnotically disturbing audio-visual overload.

Day Of The Woman

Named after the controversial and recently remade 1978 rape-revenge exploitation flick more familiarly known as I Spit On Your Grave, Brittney-Jade Colangelo’s blog explores, in her words, “the feminine side of fear” and focuses on women working within the genre.

Graham Reznick

Although the most notorious genre film of 2010 was undoubtedly Tom Six’s The Human Centipede, elsewhere there appears to be a quiet resurgence of filmmakers whose approach to horror is reliant more on atmosphere and tension than sadism and shock tactics.

Black Mountain Transmitter

Northern Ireland’s Black Mountain Transmitter (aka JR Moore) is one of several projects in circulation whose music evokes the atonal scrapings of Tobe Hooper and Wayne Bell’s groundbreaking soundtrack for 1974s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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