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May 2012

Find out about Julian Henriques' choice picks of the web. Henriques is the author of The Wire 340 Global Ear: Kingston.

Topology Topology or “rubber sheet geometry” is a branch of mathematics that deals with relationships rather than measurement. It's been attracting the interest of artists, architects and researchers recently and I’ve been a member of the steering group for a series of events and talks at London's Tate Modern. The last of these on 16 June includes the leading German philosopher and broadcaster Peter Sloterdijk. Sloterdijk’s most recently translated work, Spheres, Vol.1: Bubbles Microspherology is well worth a read. He theorises through images as much as philosophical logic. I would recommend chapter 7 on the Greek myth of the Sirens, in particular.

AUDiNT aka Auditory Intelligence This secretive organisation have recently recruited Steve Goodman of Kode9 fame together with Toby Heys and John Cohrs for their sonic warfare operations. They are rumoured to be touching down at Vancouver’s New Forms Festival this September to reveal another trench of material from their research archive.

Classic Album Sundays You can have an amazing auditory experience on the first Sunday of every month in a pub in Islington, London. The brainchild of DJ Cosmo and now also running in New York, a Classic Album Sunday involves sitting down with other like-minded people and listening to one side of the vinyl and then the other on a good quality hi-fi system.

Sonic Bodies Yes I can’t not plug my own book, out last year, extracts here. With fellow panelists Snowboy, Colleen Murphy and Jeremy Gilbert, I’ll be discussing some of the issues raised in the book at Critical Beats #4: Dancing, Sound Systems and Party Environments, London Stratford Circus 14 June.

The Echo Chamber It's not often you come across a sonic novel. That is, one that tells its story through sound. This one is all about Evie, who from birth has a special affinity for hearing. Luke Williams's novel, published last year, is set in the markets and other rich and evocative soundscapes of the last days of the British Empire in Lagos, Nigeria. A fascinating read.

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