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November 2012

Follow Loki aka IX Tab aka Saxon's choice picks of the web. Loki is featured in Matthew Ingram's article on West Country electronic music makers in The Wire 346.

A collection of odd little robot radio shows/podcasts that kept me going back in the early 2000s when I had no money to buy the kind of records that weren't yet being re-released. Those were simpler times. I had a crappy modem internet that strained at the seams to play this stuff. All the good world was here: The Butthole Surfers to Raymond Scott, Ligeti to The Residents, Martin Denny to Cluster... It was reassuring to know that there were people out there who understood.

Attempted Kidnapping Of Princess Anne
I came across this via K-Punk/Mark Fisher and have been using it in Philosophy/Psychology lessons ever since. Just to follow the logic is an exercise in seeing the world differently. It seems too good/odd to be true, almost like a lost JG Ballard short story or a viral marketing stunt. I won't say anything more except that if you've even got a touch of the 24hr paranoid schizophrenia bug that's been goung around recently, this will tip all your edges...

Bryon Gysin
I've always suspected Brion Gysin was something of a charlatan, but I like him partly because of that and it didn't stop me making a Dream Machine as a student and staring, with closed eyes into it, listening to Coil records and waiting to be transported. When Coil released Time Machines, I dug out the plans from this site and started all over again. I'm pretty sure you can get an under-the-counter Ikea version now if you ask with the right eyes.

This guy is just relentless, he goes to everything, listens to everyone and writes about them all with a wide (bug-eyed) beauty and love. If you've got an obscure cassette-only limited edition release of animal moans and electronic crackles, he'll be reviewing it and will post a near incomprehensible photograph to prove he was there. It's what blogs are for and I'm pleased, with so many of the old ones falling by the wayside, that he's still cracking on 'til dawn.

Beyond The Implode
This blog seems to be dead now but I'm always hopeful that it'll rise again. Funny, paranoaic, slightly hateful, insightful, melancholic and mental. He writes like people I know. He writes like the Libbe Matz Gang write music (they might be him for all I know). An evening spent browsing through the archives will made you laugh like two drains. Someone should have commissioned him to write a book. He's got my blog in his links bar, describing it as a 'clean and discreet pre-op transvestite', which is a first.

Psychedelic Folk
A portal for all kind of goodness. I found this during a minorly obsessional trawl for Icelandic free/freak folk and it just kept on giving. The form matches the content, it's ramshackle and exclusive, slightly unbearable at times. I've bought a load of records as a direct result of seeing their names on here.

People will know about this one, perhaps, but it's one of my favourites from the so-called 'silver age' of blogs (so-called, I think, mostly by me) and I read it almost every day. I was initially attracted, of course, because of the Throbbing Gristle title, but now it's just essential reading with one caveat: they write about music in such a sparkling way that much of what they write about can never live up to expectations. It reminds me a little of when my Grandad told me the story of King Kong late a night in a caravan when I was about seven, and then I saw it a few years later and... it just couldn't compete.

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