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London Sound Survey Portal

July 2012

Read Ian Rawes of the London Sound Survey sound map website's top picks of web links. Rawes and the London Sound Survey are featured in The Wire 341 in an article by Nathan Budzinski.

"More and more field recordists are presenting their work through their own blogs and websites," says Rawes. Here are three of his favourites: 1: Hljóðmynd (Soundimage) Recordings from Iceland by Magnus Bergsson. 2: Sounds Like Noise Recordings from Australia by Jay-Dea Lopez. 3: Soundlandscapes Urban Parisian sounds captured by Des Coulam.

British Library Sounds A great online collection of around 50,000 recordings. They cover a very diverse range of subjects including world and traditional music, arts and literature, wildlife, environmental sounds, oral history, and more.

Phonographies Interest in vintage analogue sound carriers keeps growing. Eight-track tape? Forget it, junior! Aleks Kolkowski makes contemporary recordings using the 120 year old technology of wax cylinders.

SoundFjord Website for London's only sound art gallery, based in Seven Sisters. Helen Frosi puts a lot of hard work into its busy and varied schedule.

Project Gutenberg Our Prime Minister, aged 45, claims to enjoy playing Fruit Ninja on his computer. You, on the other hand, can furnish your mind for free with all the classics as well as more obscure works of literature thanks to Project Gutenberg, run by volunteers since 1971.

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