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October 2008

Sumi Ink Club

....this is where we post all the activities of our drawing club, updated several times a week with new drawings and new events to talk about... It's an open thing where we invite people to come draw with us, and there's even people in other places having their own meetings without us... So many hands making so many drawings!

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RVCA ANP Quarterly

The blog version of the amazing free magazine ANP Quarterly... We check in every couple of days to read up on happenings and found things from friends Brendan Fowler, Aaron Rose and Ed Templeton.

Things For Sale That I WIll Mail You

...our friend David posts ideas of things to do, and a way for you to pay him to do them. A nice way of turning the art economy inside out in a stupidly fantastic way...! worth checking in on every now and then to see what's next... and always a fun guy to make a collaboration with.

Netmares & Netdreams

...our friend Kari Altmann in Baltimore (along with others) curates this online museum of the uncanny internet... Tied in to this archival site are several flickr groups, vimeo channels, blogs, and tags... Continuously growing, always deeply subtle, transfixingly psychological, like a mirror for the internet!


"...the most hugely obvious one, we use it everyday to keep up with what's going on in the world, visual reminders of our friends and what they're up to, and a place for us to put all of the the things we make and do!"

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