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Mary Halvorson's Portal

January 2009

David Horvitz

"You'll find lots of unusual and interesting things here. David is all creativity, which is an inspiration to me. Anything goes."

Critter and Guitari

"My friend Owen builds insane, convoluted instruments and synthesizers that are beautiful works of art. We have been friends since we were four, and when we were in High School he built a banjo for me."

Planet Pulse

"This is a website which features a 'daily news' forecast in terms of the planets and the sky. In lieu of listening to the weather forecast, I listen to it every morning while drinking coffee to find out where the moon is in the sky and what is happening with various planets."


"One of my favorite places to play, to go hear music, or to just get a drink. I often check their website to see about upcoming shows. Barbes is in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They have all sorts of world music, experimental jazz, and a nice tall hefeweizen beer."

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