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Michael Pisaro Portal

June 2010


"Edition Wandelweiser is a collective, publisher, record company, and this is the Web center of it, a group I've been involved with since 1995."

"I use this every week at least. It's a great tool for everything (not only composition)."

" offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise, which for many purposes is better than the pseudo-random number algorithms typically used in computer programs."

Immanent Discursivity

"Immanent Discursivity is a video blog I check everyday. My collaborator Greg Stuart, here known as 'roaratorio', runs the site. Hilarious."

Human Ear Music

"Human Ear Music is a Los Angeles/San Francisco pop/experimental collective. The new site (up next week) will have extensive documentation on the summer festival I curate in Los Angeles (The Dog Star Orchestra). The label will be producing my next record: Tombstones."

The new address will be:

The Wulf

"The Wulf is a Los Angeles experimental performance space (which also posts recordings of most concerts online). It's an excellent summary of the Los Angeles scene and its website is something all of us here keep up with on a weekly basis when concerts are running."

Compost And Height

"Compost And Height contains a huge number of music downloads, many of which are field recording based. It's run by Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes. They did a large project with my piece Only and several other musicians last Summer."

Marcia Hafif

"Marcia Hafif is one of my favorite living artists and an important influence on my music."

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