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My Cat Is An Alien Portal

September 2011

My Cat Is An Alien (brothers Maurizio and Roberto Opalio) are featured in an article by Ken Hollings in The Wire 331. Click here to listen to a selection of MCIAA tracks.

Dark Energy Survey

"Dark Energy is a really serious question for My Cat Is An Alien since it seems like the whole cosmos's future has to deal with it. The Dark Energy Survey project involves more than 120 scientists from 23 organizations who have banded together to survey a large portion of the sky visible from the southern hemisphere using state of the art equipment. Keep up to date gents!"

Nietzsche Source

"If you adore Nietzsche as much as we do, you'll be totally overwhelmed by looking at the thousands digital facsimile reproductions of the entire Nietzsche estate, including first editions of works, original manuscripts, proof sheets, letters, notebooks and diaries."

La Macchine Di Leonardo

"We have always had a big fascination with the Italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci: Le Macchine Di Leonardo is the world’s biggest private collection of Leonardo Da Vinci machines. The site contains documentation of more than 150 different models. Based on the Da Vinci codes and on historical documents, they were built using the materials of Leonardo’s time (wood, metal, ropes and fabrics) and crafted by the members of the Niccolai family in Florence, Italy."

Sun Ra - A Joyful Noise

""A lot of people have tried to contain me or to limit me, but you see that is not my type of being to be limited" says Sun Ra in the documentary A Joyful Noise. Watch this selection from the film on Ra and be ready to get enlightened by his universe!"


"Alpioccidentali is a great website listing all the peaks in Italy's Western Alps. Though only in the Italian language it's very easy to use the maps, specs and nice photos as starting points to enjoy the magic beauty of these mountains!"

Dangerous Minds

"A nice websites to lose yourself in with its huge collection of documents, rare videos, music and tons of material about so-called Pop culture: from Andy Warhol to Yoko Ono, Jonas Mekas, Angus MacLise, Harry Smith, Ira Cohen, William Burroughs, Jim Carroll and many more 'dangerous minds'"


"If you want to watch the stars and galaxies but you don't own a telescope we recommend you to visit the official Hubble Space Telescope website: it's a view of the cosmos directly from space."

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