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Paul Gilroy Portal

October 2011

Paul Gilroy's Epiphanies article on two 1970 performances from The Voices Of East Harlem choir at the Isle Of Wight Festival and Albert Hall is featured in The Wire 333. Gilroy's latest book is Darker Than Blue: On The Moral Economies Of Black Atlantic Culture (Harvard University Press). On the cusp of the 1990s Gilroy wrote about jazz-funk and fusion for The Wire, in reviews and a regular column called New Fusion.

Elliott Randall's customised guitars

"Here is The Voices Of East Harlem's guitarist Elliott Randall (later lead guitarist for Steely Dan) writing about his heavily customised guitars. Up to the point where I saw Randall perform with The Voices I hadn't really considered looking at guitars as tools and adapting them so that they worked the way that one wanted them to."

The Voices Of East Harlem perform at Sing Sing Prison

"Here are the Voices performing "Run, Shaker Life" at New York State's Sing Sing prison in 1972. I think that's Elliott Randall on guitar and the observant will note Joan Baez dancing in the melee."

Doug Rauch

"No Treble, the bass players' web site did an article on Doug Rauch's contribution to the art of bass playing, and in particular on his pioneering double thumb techniques. The arc of his career – as well as his sad, youthful death – asks interesting, if familiar questions about the relationship between creativity, music and life."

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