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Paul Rooney Portal

December 2009


"He looks like an accident in a cartoon, his head all mummied up in bandages, apart from circular holes for his eyes and mouth, with two small holes for his nostrils. Arthur Hamilton is sitting up in his hospital bed after his surgical operation, a rag doll in silk pyjamas."

Film & Video Umbrella

"In 2006 Film and Video Umbrella commissioned Paul Rooney to make ‘Dust’, part of the major touring project Single Shot, and worked with the artist on a new project ‘Bellevue’ for exhibition at the Bluecoat, Liverpool."

Lost High Street

"OK. We are recording. It's a lovely sunny day. On the tour bus. The City Tour. 'Its always sunny here', Aileen the tour guide says, 'but sometimes the sun is behind the clouds'. She says this with a wry smile. Utterly charming. And here we go."

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