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July 2011

People Like Us aka Vicki Bennett is featured in The Wire 329 Invisible Jukebox, tested by Phil England.

2'00 The Movie

Created for a 2 minute performance as part of London Barbican Centre's More Soup And Tart evening. The night celebrated artist Jean Dupuy’s influential 1974–75 series of performance events at New York's Kitchen gallery which featured contributions from artists including Philip Glass, Gordon Matta-Clark, Joan Jonas, Richard Serra, and Yvonne Rainer.

The Sound Of The End Of Music

Apocalypse Now, The Sound Of Music and The Doors's "The End" meet in this collage. It's an excerpt from Genre Collage, a 45 minute live audio visual set with all of its material sourced from feature films.

Blue Moon

"Blue Moon" is an excerpt from The Keystone Cut Ups, a live audio visual performance combining video collage with an original musical score compsed by Ergo Phizmiz, using sampling and live instrumentation. The Keystone Cut Ups looks at the relationship between early silent comedy and early avant garde cinema, specifically the impact that slapstick had on the Surrealist movement.


"DrivingFlyingRisingFalling" is an excerpt from the live audio visual performance Genre Collage, reconfiguring footage and music from feature films.


"While viewing and sourcing content from the Great North Run film archive, it occurred to me that the huge crowds that come to spectate this event are as important as the participator. I arranged film frame layers across the screen so that they strayed outwards in the direction of the natural panning of the original shots – much more in accordance with the natural gaze of the spectator, revealing a unique panoramic view of the content..."

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