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Rhodri Davies Portal

August 2010

What's Welsh For Performance?

"A research project devoted to uncovering and archiving the history of performance art in Wales. Prosiect ymchwil i ddadorchuddio ac archifo hanes celf perfformio yng Nghymru."

Angharad Davies

"Since making London her base in 2002 she has developed a specific approach to the violin, extending the sound possibilities of the instrument by attaching and applying objects to the strings or by sounding unexpected parts of the instrument's body."

Interview With Radu Malfatti

"The group Cranc (Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies and Nikos Veliotis) invited Radu Malfatti to join them for a twelve-hour durational performance at the 2008 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. The performance was entitled XII hours (for violoncello, room, hi-fi, trombone, dvd player, television, electric harp and violin). Before the event, Rhodri interviewed Radu about his work, his views on improvisation and composition, and the excitement of collaboration."

Nikos Veliotis's Cello Powder

"The cello was destroyed (turned into powder) in front of a live audience... The powder was used to fill jars of approximately 250ml, labeled, numbered and sealed. The performance took place during the 2009 INSTAL festival in Glasgow on 21 March.

Morden Tower

"Morden Tower is one of Britain's best known literary landmarks. For the past 45 years, hundreds of poets have come from all over the world to give readings in this ancient turret room on Newcastle's city walls."


"Eyeballs is the drone alter ego of guitarist Richard Dawson, along with help from Ben Jones, Kate Craddock and Mike Vest."

Cut And Burn

"In this performance at Newcastle's Hatton Gallery, set within his installation Room Harp, Rhodri Davies methodically burns and restrings all 47 strings on a concert pedal harp. He has been interested in the relationship between destruction and creation in sound for many years and in 2008 collaborated with the artist Gustav Metzger."

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