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Sound Poetry Portal

April 2012

Find out about sound poetry via online resources, as selected by Julian Cowley, author of the sound poetry Primer in The Wire 339.

Michael McClure reading poetry to lions McLure, close friend of Jim Morrison and more recently collaborator with Terry Riley, is here seen reading to lions in San Francisco Zoo, 1966. A Beat poet straining at the verbal leash.

PennSound: Bob Cobbing The PennSound website, an invaluable resource for anyone interested in poetry and poetics, has dedicated a page to Bob Cobbing. Here you can hear him perform in various contexts, including Konkrete Canticle, Oral Complex and BirdYak. He is heard discussing his work, and other poets celebrate him posthumously at a symposium.

Henri Chopin at home (2007) The poet Henri Chopin, aged 85, enjoying a well-earned glass of vin rouge and listening with evident pleasure as the resonance of his inner space spills from the reel-to-reel.

Wholly Communion Peter Whitehead’s half hour long documentary from the legendary 1965 International Poetry Incarnation. An intriguing cast, a huge audience, some stoned antics and a storming performance by the mighty Ernst Jandl, including his tribute to Kurt Schwitters.

PC Fencott The website of PC Fencott, including documentation of a visit to Henri Chopin’s house in Ingatestone and of Fencott’s 1982 North American tour with Bob Cobbing. There’s a link to download an MP3 of one side of Fencott and Cobbing’s cassette Scramble, another link to an enticing video clip of a recent sound poetry performance and an introduction to his later work in interactive fiction.

W Mark Sutherland The stimulating website of Canadian intermedia artist W Mark Sutherland, introducing his poetry, fictional narratives, audio-visual installations, soundworks and bookworks. Lots of fun to be had with his interactive Code X, which responds sonically and visually to letters pressed on your keyboard.

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