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Strange Attractor Portal

April 2010

The Anomalist

"The Anomalist is a long-running, if occasional, American fortean journal - their equivalent to our own Fortean Times. The site is updated daily with news culled from the fringes of reality. The latest volume of the print journal, 14, includes a piece by me on a crop circle made by super-intelligent ants in the film Phase IV, one of my favourites. The film, which also has a synth score by David Vorhaus, came out in 1974, two years before the first formations appeared in the UK. I don't think that super-intelligent ants make crop circles by the way." – Mark Pilkington

Atlas Obscura

"This fantastic site, which has emerged quite recently, is an attempt to catalogue curiosities in every country in the world. The Atlas recently ran a global day of curiosity which featured 80 events in 20 countries. Strange Attractor organised two London walks – of the Fleet River and Bloomsbury's medical history – and plans to do more. Consult the Atlas Obscura every time you leave the safety of your own home." – Mark Pilkington

Journal For Scientific Exploration

"Founded in 1987, the JSE is as serious an attempt to write about truly far out scientific and paranormal anomalies as you will find outside of the classified military world. The site contains PDFs of articles right up till 2008. Material ranges from the eminently sensible to the seriously woo-woo. Articles of interest to Wire readers might include: The Hum: An Anomalous Sound Heard Around The World, Radio Emissions From An Earthquake and Explaining The Mysterious Sounds Produced By Very Large Meteor Fireballs." – Mark Pilkington

Singing Science Records

"Exactly what it says on the tin - six albums of science-themed tunes recorded by Hy Zaret and Lou Singer in the late 1950s. Zaret wrote "Unchained Melody", fact fans. Tap your toes to the sounds of "Energy In Roundabout Ways", "It's A Magnet" and "What Does A Bird Have That I Have Not?" – Mark Pilkington

War Of The Worlds Covers

"Some years ago, before we all had the internet, I decided to collect as many different covers of HG Wells's War Of The Worlds, one of my favourite childhood books, as I could find. I soon realised I'd need a separate library just to house them and abandoned the plan. I'm glad I did. Demonstrating the maxim that anything you can think of somebody has already made a web site for their own collection. It's still growing." – Mark Pilkington

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