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The Great Learning: A directory of neurodiverse music organisations

March 2019

A resource of music orientated organisations that have been set up by and for people with learning disabilities

Bubble Club
London, UK
Accessible and inclusive club nights and workshops run by people with and without learning disabilities in Bethnal Green, East London.

Club Soda
London, UK
Regular club nights and live music performances are held across various Croydon venues. Experimental band The Mumbly Wolfs formed after meeting at Club Soda.

The Gate Arts Centre
London, UK
The Gate is an arts and resource centre for people with learning disabilities based in Shepherds Bush, London. As well as being a drop-in centre for people to chat and socialise, it is also the home of Moment By Moment theatre company, and weekly art sessions and experimental music workshops. The Gate also has a weekly show called Gate Kicks on Resonance FM and is where the psychedelic improv group Jamaica!! formed.

Heart N Soul

London, UK
South London based charity Heart N Soul celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Weekly music and arts sessions are held at Deptford's Albany Theatre, and the work created by participants is presented annually at the Beautiful Octopus Club at the Southbank Centre. Heart N Soul believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities.

Mainspring Arts
London, UK
Creating opportunities in the arts industry for neurodivergent people. Organisers of the performance night Springboard.

Blue Camel Club

Brighton, UK
Set up more than 20 years ago and run by a committee of people with learning disabilities, the Blue Camel Club night happens three or four times a year at The Old Market in Brighton.

Stay Up Late
Brighton, UK
Stay Up Late launched in 2006 to highlight how people with autism or learning disabilities often have to leave events early, as they're dependent on the hours worked by support workers. The charity organises different timetables for willing support workers so that gig-goers with learning disabilities can stay out past 9pm.

Pyramid Of Arts
Leeds, UK
Yorkshire based inclusive arts collective and registered charity providing weekly music and art sessions for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

Les Harrys
Paris, France
A six piece band of young adults with autism who practice noise improvisation. The birth of the group was supported by Sonic Protest festival.

Paris, France
Founded in 1992, Turbulences! offers work and professional training adapted to individuals with disabilities.

Bruxelles, Belgium
Créahm-Bruxelles is a non-profit association that offers a creative space to people with learning disabilities. Regular workshops in art, music, theatre, circus and choreography.

Oslo, Norway
Collective formed in 2013 which pairs children with learning disabilities with professional musicians for sessions in improvisation. DNA? AND? aims to “tear down the walls between those who have and those who lack disabilities”.

Jolt Arts
Melbourne, Australia
An inclusive sonic arts organisation which focusses on supporting artists with intellectual disabilities. Regular events take place across various Melbourne community venues.

The Otoasobi Project
Kobe, Japan
A group of musicians, music therapists, individuals with learning disabilities and their families who get together for music making workshops, often inviting multimedia artists to collaborate in special performances.

Fundación Artistas Discapacitados
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Founded in 1993, FAD arose “from the need to insert artists and people with disabilities actively into society”. They provide therapy, ‘biopsychosocial’ rehabilitation and help with labour insertion and socio-cultural integration through artistic workshops.

Compiled by Anla Courtis, Craig Clark and The Wire staff. Please feel free to get in touch via our contact form or use the comments section below if you have any information to add to this list.

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