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July 2012

The author of Berlin Sampler curates a list of archival links on the history of Berlin's music scene.

Berlin's musical history
This is the website that really got me into the amazing Swing Jugend movement from the 1940s. They were the first historically recorded heroic party animals: Jazz raves under Nazi boots and Allied Bombs. This site is full of details and ideas.

From The Archives
For all crazy archivists around, this site specialises in Einstürzende Neubauten, Lydia Lunch, Gun Club and more, it contains full discographies and complete lists of concerts including scans of ticket stubs! Some sort of teenage otaku dream.

Die Toedliche Doris

The super dadaist anti-group from the Geniale Dilettanten give it's music to who asks them nicely.

For those who wants to delve into ill-shaped German punk/ndw music. This blog is a complete mess but is full of amazing gems.

Digital In Berlin
Berlin music agenda, focused on experimental music. Very good source.

Ex Berliner
I work with these guys distributing Berlin Sampler in Berlin – it's Berlin's Village Voice. They never hesitate to be polemical when they have to.

Head Heritage
There would not have been a Berlin Sampler without a Krautrocksampler.

Decoder, full version. Starring William S Burroughs, FM Einheit, Genesis P Orridge.
Decoder tell us about a gigantic fictional corporate plot to enslave humans with muzak and fast food. And the counter reaction to it with a black noise terrorist movement. Very much based on the electronic revolution poetic-theory from William Burroughs, with Genesis P Orridge playing the Black Noise Priest. Beautiful soundtrack by Dave Ball.

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