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2003 Rewind

December 2007

50 Records Of The Year plus specialist charts

Robert Wyatt Cuckooland (Hannibal)
David Sylvian Blemish (Samadhi Sound)
John Fahey + (Revenant)
Nurse With Wound Salt Marie Celeste (United Dairies)
Chris Watson Weather Report (Touch)
Rhythm & Sound With The Artists (Burial Mix/Indigo)
Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner (XL)
Four Tet Rounds (Domino)
Keith Rowe & John Tilbury Duos For Doris (Erstwhile)
The Bug Pressure (Rephlex)
Cat Power You Are Free (Matador)
So So (Thrill Jockey)
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
Angels Of Light Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home (Young God)
Pandit Pran Nath Midnight (Just Dreams)
Limescale Limescale (Incus)
Diamanda Galas Defixiones, Will And Testament (Mute)
Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtracks (EMI)
Broadcast Haha Sound (Warp)
Matmos The Civil War (Matador)
Outkast Speakerboxx/Love Below (Arista)
Laibach WAT (Mute)
Colleen Everyone Alive Wants Answers (Leaf)
Kaffe Matthews cd ebb + flo (Annetteworks)
Henry Flynt New American Ethnic Music Vol 3: Hillbilly Tape Music (Recorded)
Jaga Jazzist The Stix (Ninja Tune)
Fennesz Live In Japan (Headz)
Leafcutter John The Housebound Spirit (Planet Mu)
Sunburned Hand Of The Man The Trickle-Down Theory Of Lord Knows What (Eclipse)
Basil Kirchin Quantum: A Journey Through Sound In Two Parts (Trunk)
John Wall Hylic (Utterpsalm)
Diamanda Galas La Serpenta Canta (Mute)
Sightings Absolutes (Load)
Peaches Fatherfucker (XL)
Robert Wyatt Solar Flares Burn For You (Cuneiform)
Shirley Collins Within Sound (Fledg'ling)
Aki Onda Bon Voyage! (Cassette Memories Vol 2) (Improvised Music From Japan)
Miles Davis The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (Columbia Legacy)
Monade Socialisme Ou Barbarie: The Bedroom Recordings (Duophonic Super 45s)
Pluramon Dreams Top Rock (Karaoke Kalk)
Alasdair Roberts Farewell Sorrow (Rough Trade)
Sketch Show Tronika (Daisyworld)
Jimmy Lyons The Box Set (Ayler)
The Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & The Tra-La-La Band With Choir This Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather And Sing (Constellation)
Michael Schumacher Room Pieces (XI)
Phill Niblock Touch Food (Touch)
Sunn0))) White 1 (Southern Lord)
Yasunao Tone Yasunao Tone (Asphodel)
Bonnie Prince' Billy Master And Everyone (Domino)
Noxagt Turning It Down Since 2001 (Load)

Wire Send (Pink Flag)
Sunburned Hand Of The Man The Trickle-Down Theory Of Lord Knows What (Eclipse)
Cul De Sac The Strangler's Wife (Strange Attractors Audio House)
Sightings Absolutes (Load)
Damon & Naomi With Kurihara Song To The Siren (Sub Pop)
Black Dice Beaches And Canyons (Fat Cat)
The Magic Band Back To The Front (All Tomorrow's Parties)
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow (Load)
Sam Shalabi Osama (Alien8)
Sightings Michigan Haters (Psych-O-Path)
Erase Errata At Crystal Palace (Blast First)
Califone Quicksand/Cradlesnakes (Thrill Jockey)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz Blues Du Jour (Geographic)
No-Neck Blues Band Intonomancy (Sound@tone)
Doo-Dooettes/Keiji Haino/Rick Potts Free Rock (PSF)

Rhythm & Sound With The Artists (Burial Mix/Indigo)
The Bug Pressure (Rephlex)
Dennis Bovel Decibel (Pressure Sounds)
Augustus Pablo In Fine Style 1973-79 (Pressure Sounds)
Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba Cedric Im Brooks & The Light Of Saba (Honest Jon's)
King Tubby The Roots Of Dub/Dub From The Roots (Moll-Selekta)
Keith Hudson Playing It Cool & Playing It Right (Basic Replay)
Tappa Zukie Dub Em Zukie: Rare Dubs 1976-79 (Jamaican Recordings)
Prince Far-I Heavy Manners: The Anthology 1977-83 (Trojan)
Rankin' Joe Zion High (Blood And Fire)

Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto Vrioon (Raster-Noton)
Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtracks (EMI)
So So (Thrill Jockey)
Fennesz Live In Japan (Headz)
Autechre Draft 7.30 (Warp)
Leafcutter John The Housebound Spirit (Planet Mu)
Rechenzentrum The Director's Cut (Mille Plateaux)
Tim Hecker Radio Amor (Mille Plateaux)
Donna Summer This Needs To Be Your Style (Irritant)
Matmos The Civil War (Matador)
Guido Möbius Klisten (Klangkrieg)
Wasteland Amen Fire (Transparent)
Luomo The Present Lover (Force Inc)
Coil Live Four-One (Threshold House)
Ricardo Villalobos Alcachofa (Playhouse)

Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban Mambo Sinuendo (Nonesuch)
Pandit Pran Nath Midnight (Just Dreams)
Traditional Musicians Waza: Music Of The Berta From The Blue Nile, Sudan (Wergo)
Raz Mesinai Resurrections For Goatskin (Tzadik)
Traditional Musicians Ethiopia: Ari Polyphonies (Ocora)
Various The Rough Guide To The Music Of China (World Music Network)
Traditional Musicians The King's Musicians: Royalist Music Of Buganda-Uganda (Topic)
Kazuki Tomokawa Box (PSF)
Traditional Musicians Radio Java (Sublime Frequencies)
Idjah Hadidjah Sundanese Jaipong And Other Popular Music (Nonesuch Explorer)
Kadri Gopalnath Scintillating Sax (Felmay/Dunya)

Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below (Arista)
Jay-Z The Black Album (XL)
Prefuse 73 One Word Extinguisher (Warp)
King Geedorah Take Me To Yr Leader (Big Dada)
Edan Sprain Your Tapedeck (Lewis Recordings)
Buck 65 Talkin' Honky Blues (WEA)
Nephlim Modulation Systems Woe To Thee O Land Whose King Is A Child (Big Dada)
Themselves The No Music Of Aiffs (Anticon)
Kid Koala Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs (Ninja Tune)
Alias Muted (Anticon)

Limescale Limescale (Incus)
Spring Heel Jack Live (Thirsty Ear)
Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura/ Taku Sugimoto/Mark Wastell Foldings (Confront)
Andy Moor/Thomas Lehn/John Butcher Thermal (Unsound) Exias-J Electric - Conception "Avant-garde" (PSF)
Globe Unity Orchestra 2002 (Intakt)
John Butcher Invisible Ear (Fringes)
Rhodri Davies Trem (Confront)
Sealed Knot Surface Plane (Meniscus)
Keith Rowe & John Tilbury Duos For Doris (Erstwhile)
Barry Guy & Evan Parker Birds And Blades (Intakt)
Tim Barnes/Toshio Kajiwara/Marina Rosenfeld A Water's Wake (Quakebasket)
Matt Davis/Phil Durrant/Mark Wastell Open (Erstwhile)
Kaffe Matthews/Andrea Neumann/Sachiko M In Case Of Fire Take The Stairs (Improvised Music From Japan)
Keith Rowe/Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler Rabbit Run (Erstwhile)

Peter Brötzmann/William Parker/Hamid Drake Never Too Late But Always Too Early (Eremite)
Miles Davis The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (Columbia)
Jimmy Lyons The Box Set (Ayler)
Albert Ayler The Copenhagen Tapes (Ayler)
Anthony Braxton & Wadada Leo Smith Organic Resonance (Pi)
William Parker Violin Trio Scrapbook (Thirsty Ear)
The Art Ensemble Of Chicago The Message (Pi Recordings)
Cecil Taylor: The Ensemble The Light Of Corona (FMP)
Dave Douglas Freak In (Bluebird)
Steve Lacy Work (Sketch)

Michael Schumacher Room Pieces (XI)
Michael Finnissy This Church (Metier)
Morton Feldman String Quartet No 2 (Mode)
Chas Smith An Hour Out Of Desert Center (Cold Blue)
James Tenney Selected Works 1961-69 (Lovely Music)
Erik Friedlander Maldoror (Brassland)
Eliane Radigue Geelriandre/Arthesis (Fringe Archive)
Rhys Chatham An Angel Moves Too Fast To See (Table Of The Elements)
Robert Ashley The Wolfman (Alga Marghen)
John Wall Hylic (Utterpsalm)
Maja Ratkje Voice (Rune Grammofon)
Phill Niblock Touch Food (Touch)
Gloria Coates String Quartets Vol 1 (Naxos)
Giacinto Scelsi Giacinto Scelsi (Edition RZ)
Charlemagne Palestine In Mid-Air (Alga Marghen)

Alan Licht A New York Minute (XI)
Nurse With Wound Salt Marie Celeste (United Dairies)
Chris Watson Weather Report (Touch)
Aki Onda Bon Voyage! (Cassette Memories Vol 2) (Improvised Music From Japan)
Henry Flynt Back Porch Hillbilly Blues Vols 1 & 2 (Locust)
Steve Roden Speak No More About The Leaves (Sirr)
Yasunao Tone Yasunao Tone (Asphodel)
Kaffe Matthews cd ebb + flo (Annetteworks)
Keiji Haino Mazu Wa Iro O Nakuso Ka (PSF)
Angus MacLise The Cloud Doctrine (Sub Rosa)
Throbbing Gristle TG24: 24 Hours Of Throbbing Gristle (Grey Area Of Mute)
Keiji Haino "C'est Parfait" Endoctrine Tu Tombes La Tete La Première (Turtle's Dream)
Angus MacLise Astral Collapse (Quakebasket)
Dredd Foole & The Din The Whys Of Fire (Ecstatic Peace)
Eyvind Kang Live Low To The Earth, In The Iron Age (Abduction)

An Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music: Second A-Chronology (Sub Rosa)
Amaterasu (Fractal)
American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood And Brush (Bar/None)
China: The Sonic Avant Garde (Post-Concrete)
Das Dreidimensionale Mobiusband (Flying Swimming)
Goodbye, Babylon (Dust-To-Digital)
Down In The Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78s 1926-37 (Old Hat)
Flowers In The Wildwood: Women In Early Country Music 1923-39 (Trikont)
Lib. Fabric Compilation (Cubic)
Music From the ONCE Festival 1961-69 (New World)
New York Noise: Dance Music From The New York Underground (Soul Jazz)
Nice Up The Dance: Two Worlds Clash (Soul Jazz)
The Night Gallery (Alchemy)
Room 207 (Cirque CD)
Rough Trade Shops: Post-Punk 01 (Mute)
Space Is No Place: Noise From The NYC Underground (Psych-O-Path)
Studio One DJs (Soul Jazz)
Visionfest Visionlive (Thirsty Ear)
Wanna Buy A Craprak? (Carpark)
Wooden Guitar (Locust)
You Can Never Go Fast Enough (Plain)

Kevin Ayers Joy Of A Toy (EMI)
Shirley Collins Within Sound (Fledg'ling)
Shirley & Dolly Collins Love, Death & The Lady (BGO)
Einstürzende Neubauten Kollaps (Potomac)
Fred Frith Speechless (ReR)
Eddie Henderson Realization/Inside Out: Anthology Volume 2 The Capricorn Years (Soul Brother)
Jackie-O Motherfucker The Magick Fire Music/Wow! (All Tomorrow's Parties)
Rev Charlie Jackson God's Got It: The Legendary Booker And Jackson Singles (CaseQuarter)
Kosokuya Kosokuya (PSF)
Joan La Barbara Voice Is The Original Instrument (Lovely Music)
Mars The Complete Studio Recordings NYC 1977-1978 (G3G/Spooky Sound)
Evan Parker The Snake Decides (Psi)
Ron 'Pate's Debonairs Featuring Fred Lane Raudelina's 'Pataphysical Revue (Alcohol)
Soft Machine BBC Radio 1967-71 (Hux)
Sonic Youth Dirty: Deluxe Edition (Geffen)
Joseph Spence Happy All The Time (Water)
Television Marquee Moon Remastered (Rhino)
Larry Young Mothership (Blue Note)
Neil Young On The Beach (Warners)
23 Skidoo The Culling Is Coming (Ronin/LTM)

The Electorate

This year's chars were compiled from the votes of the following contributors (each contributor¹s individual record of the year shown in brackcets): Steve Barker (Rev Charlie Jackson God's Got It!), Mike Barnes (Robert Wyatt Cuckooland), Clive Bell (Monade Socialisme ou Barbarie: The Bedroom Recordings), Chris Blackford (Alfred Harth eShip sum), Marcus Boon (Angels Of Light - Everything Is Good here/Please Come), Ben Borthwick (Outkast Speakerboxx/Love Below), Philip Clark (Michael Finnissy This Church), Mia Clarke (Cheer Accident Gumballhead The Cat), Julian Cowley ('Blue' Gene Tyranny Take Your Time), Christoph Cox (David Sylvian Blemish), Alan Cummings (Kazuki Tomokawa Box), Lina Dzuverovic - Russell (Diamanda Galas La Serpenta Canta), Phil England (The Magic Band Back To The Front), Louise Gray (Cat Power You Are Free), Jim Haynes (Nurse With Wound Salt Marie Celeste), Richard Henderson (Gaby Kerpel Carnabailito), Tony Herrington (Pandit Pran Nath Midnight), Ken Hollings (Mu Afro Finger And Gel), Hua Hsu (Hollertronix Never Scared), David Keenan (Double Leopards Halve Maen), Rhama Khazam (Thomas Koner Zyklop), Biba Kopf (Keiji Haino Mazu Wa Iro O Nakuso Ka), Alan Licht (Aki Onda Bon Voyage!), Dave Mandl (Xper.Xr ... ... . .... ..), Brian Marley (Steve Roden Light Forms), Marc Masters (Sightings Absolutes), Jerome Manusell (So So), Keith Moline (Larval Obedience), Will Montgomery (John Wall Hylic), Brian Morton (Mick Turner Moth), John Mulvey (Califone Quicksand/Candlesnakes), Anne Hilde Neset (David Sylvian Blemish), Tom Perchard (Dm & Jemini Ghetto Pop Life), Edwin Pouncey (Angus MacLise The Cloud Doctrine), Mosi Reeves (Cosmo Vittelli Clean), Simon Reynolds (Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner), Tom Ridge (Four Tet Rounds), Stephen Robinson (Throbbing Gristle TG24: 24 Hours Of Throbbing Gristle), Peter Shapiro (Various Goodbye, Babylon), Chris Sharp (Sunburned Hand Of The Man The Trickle Down Theory Of Lord Knows What), Philip Sherburne (Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner), Nick Southgate (Vibracathedral Orchestra The Queen Of Guess), David Stubbs (Basemant Jazz Kish Kash), David Toop (David Sylvian Blemish), Dan Warburton (Basil Kirchin Quantum), Ben Watson (Limescale Limescale), Rob Young (Pluramon Dreams Top Rock)

This chart first appeared in issue 239, January 2004.
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