The Wire


Current Issue 405

November 2017

On the cover: Eric Chenaux: The Canadian guitarist and vocalist takes an improvisational approach to unlocking the hidden spaces within the song. By Daniel Spicer. Plus, Pauline Anna Strom: Relating to the world through sound, the new age rebel’s synthesized landscapes spring from her untethered imagination. By Erik Davis. Call Super: The former visual artist approaches techno as an openended form. By Maya Kalev. Once Upon A Time In The Midwest: The late 1990s saw a small but close knit community of IDM obsessives emerge from the heartland of the US. By Jacob Arnold. Also in this issue: Mike Dunn, Lea Bertucci, Dead Rider, Amanda Kramer, Ahmed, Twin Peaks, Holger Czukay, Global Ear: Bogotá, Invisible Jukebox: Mark Wastell, The Inner Sleeve chosen by Visionist, Epiphany by Susan Rogers, plus the usual mass of albums, books and gigs reviewed, and much more.

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