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Issue #390

August 2016

Circuit Des Yeux: Chicago songwriter Haley Fohr finds freedom in collaboration and an array of performing guises, including her new role as the 25 year old grifter and drug-dealing vagabond Jackie Lynn. By Marc Masters

Nate Wooley: Drawing on American mavericks Herman Melville and Charles Ives, the Brooklyn based trumpeter explodes compositional structures from within. By Philip Clark

The Primer: Occult Rock. Inspired by Aleister Crowley and other adepts, the likes of Black Widow, Blue Öyster Cult and Aluk Todolo have used music as a conduit for magick. Edwin Pouncey presents a guide to rock’s mystic flipside

Black Spirituals: The Oakland duo fire up free music. By Stewart Smith


Li Daiguo: Chinese-American multi-instrumentalist combines traditional pipa and erhu with mbira and bluegrass rhythms. By Josh Feola

DDMMYY: UK composer collective builds bridges between young and established performers. By Robert Barry

Yeongrak: New Zealand producer finds solace in sick humour and scatological sounds. By Shane Woolman

G-Bop Orchestra: International percussion crew space themselves out. By Abi Bliss

Global Ear: Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canadian artists unite via workshops and multi-tasking. By Nick Storring

Invisible Jukebox: Optimo: The Glasgow DJs, promoters and label heads get all mixed up with The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Stewart Smith

The Inner Sleeve: Designer Manuel Sepulveda on Prince’s Around The World In A Day

Epiphanies: The Dead C’s Michael Morley on the power of tape loops

Print Run: New music books: Flyboy 2: The Greg Tate Reader, American music in the 1950s, pioneers of reggae, and more

On Screen: New films and DVDs: Tyler Hubby’s Tony Conrad: Completely In The Present and Joe Alexander’s Awful Days

On Site: Recent exhibitions: The Ocean After Nature, San Francisco

On Location: Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Only Connect, Afropunk, MUTEK 17, Marginal Consort, Georg Graewe, and more

Soundcheck: True Neutral Crew by Neil Kulkarni, Funhausen by Richard Thomas, Sarathy Korwar by Daniel Spicer, Metronome by Clive Bell, John Cage & Sun Ra by Philip Clark.

Plus: Accident Du Travail, Aphex Twin, Backwords, Bhaavitaah Bhuutasthah, Candelabrum, Loren Connors, Loren Connors & Clint Heidorn, Container, Eric Copeland, Ian William Craig, Robert Curgenven, Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Michael Duch/Lina Lapelyte/John Lely/John Tilbury, The Dead C, Raymond Dijkstra, The Double, Keiji Haino/Merzbow/Balazs Pandi, Keiji Haino/Jim O’Rourke/Oren Ambarchi, Catherine Christer Hennix, Hieroglyphic Being, Daniel Higgs, Hoofus & IX Tab, Kayo Dot, Julie Kjær 3, Die Krupps, Laraaji & Sun Araw, Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler, Rob Magill, Cliff Martinez, Hedvig Mollestad Trio, MJ12, Moskus, Kemper Norton, Ocean Wisdom, Pauline Oliveros/Roscoe Mitchell/John Tilbury/Wadada Leo Smith, Horațiu Rădulescu, David Shea, Jessica Sligter, The Sly And Unseen, Linda Catlin Smith, Cameron Stallones & Nicholas Malkin, Tyshawn Sorey, Sumac, Logan Takahashi, VC-118A, Wóddréa Mylenstede, and Neil Young.

The Columns: Emily Bick, Joe Muggs, Steve Barker, Sam Davies, Francis Gooding, Haley Potiker, Stewart Smith, Louis Pattison

Size Matters: Byron Coley

The Boomerang: Cannonball Adderley, Ibrahim Alfa, Alessandro Bosetti, Distorsión Desequilibrada, James Ferraro, Judy Henske & Jerry Yester, Red Square, Arthur Russell, Jed Speare, Various I’m A Freak Baby... A Journey Through The British Heavy Psych And Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968–72, Various Space Echo: The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed, Various U Potrazi Za Novim Zvukom 1956–1984: Anthology Of Electroacoustic Music By Croatian Composers, Various Venezuela 70: Cosmic Visions Of A Latin American Earth – Venezuelan Experimental Rock In The 1970s, Various Visiones De La Catástrofe: Documentos Del Noise Industrial En Peru (1990-1995), Various The Warriors OST, Cristian Vogel, and Bunny Wailer