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Issue #146

April 1996

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Global Ear: New York
Skylab, DJ Krush, DJ Spooky and Amiri Baraka get offbeat in Gotham

Harrison Birtwistle
Is this the unreconstructed hard man of modern classical music? Nick Kimberley meets the composer who caused panic at the Last Night of the Proms

Larry Heard
Still ignored in his home town of Chicago, the one-time pioneer of Acid and Deep House is setting a course for deep space Electronica. By Peter Shapiro

Yoko Ono
An intimate and extended with the woman who mixed it with the 60's avant garde, met John Lennon and changed the face of rock forever. By Joy Press

Low End Theories
In Frankfurt the Mille Plateaux label has become a nexus for both the complex of Electronica of Oval and the digital Hardcore of Alec Empire. By Simon Reynolds

Mark Stewart
From the pop group to On-U Sound and The Maffia, Mark Stewart is still mixing agit-prop lyrics with dubbed-out P-funk. By Biba Kopf

Who Needs Record Companies?
Triple Earth's Iain Scott provides an anarchists DIY guide on how to subvert the corporate hustlings of the music industry by going out and starting your own record label

Invisible Jukebox: Courtney Pine
Mike Barnes plays Alice Coltrane, Jacob's Optical Stairway, Gang Starr, Tricky, Bootsy Collins and more to the stellar saxophonist