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Issue #159

May 1997

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Third Eye Foundation
Exchanging his guitars and effects pedals for a sampler and computer was the best decision that the Bristol isolationist Matt Elliot ever made. By Simon Hopkins

Global Ear: New York
Steve Holtje enters LaMonte Young's Theatre of Eternal Music

Kelli Hand Digital night rider Tipsy West Coast lounge lizards Spaceheads Cosmic slop-outs Susie Ibarra Gotham rhythmstick Label lore: Emanem

Cologne Central
In the German city that is a hive of galvanised music activity, Rob Young meets the new stars of selten gehorte Musik: Mouse On Mars, Mike Ink, Dr Walker, A-Musik, Pluramon and more

Chris Sharp travels to the heart of the English greenbelt to meet a Junglist who is combining martial arts techniques with astro jazz influences to recast the mood of the suburbs

Robert Fripp
Mike Barnes gains admittance to the court of the Crimson King to discuss the birth of Prog rock, the chemistry of performance, Eno's tape-delay systems, and, er, getting gobbed at with The Damned

Jeff Mills
Since departing the militant Detroit Techno collective Underground Resistance, this elusive DJ/producer has sent the conventions of electronic music spinning through new subterranean channels. By Mike Shallcross

The Primer: Ennio Morricone
From Spaghetti Western soundtracks to scores for Italian pulp horror-erotica, Russell Lack spools through the iconoclastic output of the great film composer

Invisible Jukebox: Sonic Boom
Rugby's very own drone-rock junkie, the founder of Spacemen 3 and EAR, tries to identify tracks by Sun Ra, Morton Subotnick, White Noise, AMM, Arnold Dreyblatt and more. Mike Barnes is the inquisitor

Tokyo performance artist Masami Akita distils the most noxious elements of lo-fi electronics, hard rock, free jazz and sado-masochism into a fearsome noise aesthetic. By David Keenan