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Issue #166

December 1997

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Company Flow Funcrushing HipHop Cyro Baptista Latin lessons Tim Berne Bloodcount rising Richard Thomas Welsh assembler Label lore: Discus Freefall: interviewers' nightmares

Alec Empire
In flight from Techno's intellectual straightjacket, this outspoken Berliner and the anarchic denizens of his Digital Hardcore label are loose cannons, set to blast music's ideological apathy into oblivion. By Biba Kopf

Global Ear: Auckland
Gary Steel watches Tony Conrad visit the self-proclaimed bottom end of the world, where lo-fi avant-rock is thriving in the works of Chris Knox, Michael Morley, Dean Roberts and more

Neurofunk Flavas
Optical, Matrix, Source Direct, Johnny L, Grooverider, John B, Nico: some of the reclusive beat scientists labouring over the scientific, reductionist, funky flow of drum 'n' bass's latest mutation

Roger Doyle
This dublin based electroacoustic composer, has a master plan: to build a sonic representation of the Tower of Babel. By John L Walters

Hariprasad Chaurasia
This master flautist rejected a career in professional wrestling to become one of Bollywood's most sought-after composers, changing Western perceptions of Indian music as he went. By Clive Bell

Secret History of Film Music
Philip Brophy traces the rise of black power in American cinema, from Quincy Jones's jazz sophistication to the full-on-wah-wah funk of 70s blaxploitation movies

The Primer: The Grateful Dead
Turn on, tune in and drop out as Biba Kopf guides you through the ever-mushrooming back catalogue of the mind-exanding west Coast rock gods

Invisible Jukebox: Bootsy Collins
P-funk's star-spangled banner-waver tries to identify tracks by Material, Fela Kuti, Sun Ra, Devo, Roni Size and more. Tested by Ben Watson