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Issue #199

September 2000

Invisible Jukebox: Sunny Murray
Time Now! For the veteran free jazz drummer to identify tracks by Albert Ayler, Celestial Communication Orchestra, Angus MacLise, New York Art Quartet, Cecil Taylor, and more. Tested by Dan Warburton

Burnt Friedmann
Electronica’s amazing invisible man has dispersed his identity through units as diverse as Drome, Nonplace Urban Field, Nu-Dub Players, the latin-tinged Flanger and more. By Chris Sharp

Royal Trux
These tramps were born to burn: Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema pour their shared affinity for scuzzy art, musique concréte and harmolodics into high-octane trailerpark rock noise. By Edwin Pouncey

Francisco López
Exploring the interzone between sound and silence, the almost-mute ‘ecosystems music’ of this Spanish composer retunes the ear to hear its subtle shades and resonances. By Cristoph Cox

Tangents #2: Back To The Roots
In the second in our series taking a sidelong look at recent musical history, Simon Reynolds casts a sceptical eye over the mixillogcal version of dub as he restores its 70’s reggae and Rasta roots

Luther Blissett
Footballing icon, virtual pop star or the product of rogue Situationist’s fevered imaginations? Following the release of an Italian tribute CD, Ken Hollings investigates the origins of the Luther Blissett legend