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Below The Radar Special Edition: S Araw Band XII – Live In OTO

A live recording of the S Araw Band XII performing at London's Cafe Oto, 2015


S Araw Band XII – Live In Oto is one half of a two part live album recorded on the 2015 European tour of the Sun Araw Band. Performing mostly material from Belomancie (2014), S Araw Band XII consisted of the trio:

Cameron Stallones on midi-guitar, synth-bass, and synthesizers, Alex Grey (D/P/I) on bamboo saxophone and cybernetic rhythm synthesis, and Jon Leland (Skeletons, Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang) on congas and percussion.

Notable in this iteration of the Sun Araw Band was the move to entirely digital synthesis based on a highly flexible midi-looping system, as well as the implementation of a cybernetic rhythm strategy by Alex Grey that eschewed sequenced patterns for a collaborative approach to the computer as a drummer, making substantive, independent, non-random rhythmic choices. These new strategies, in combination with the addition of Leland as a live percussionist, allowed for an enormous amount of expressive freedom and chance in the performances, which is in evidence on this date (recorded at London’s Cafe Oto) and its companion: Live In Oslo. The results are sprawling re-interpretations of the Belomancie compositions: cross-wired, highly mobile, frequently liquifying and promptly re-crystallised.

The latest studio outing from Sun Araw was 2015's The Gazebo Effect. Listen here and purchase here.