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Adventures In Sound And Music 25 October 2012

October 2012

Listen again to The Wire's weekly radio show on Resonance FM, hosted this week by Chris Bohn playing tracks by Charles Hayward, John Tilbury, Christiaan Virant and more.

Charles Hayward
“Yesterday’s Men”
From Trademark Ground
(Oto Acoustic)

Jan Bang/Erik Honore/David Sylvian/Sidsel Edresen/Arve Henriksen
“The God Of Gradual Abdication”
From Uncommon Deities

John Tilbury
“Improvisation For Tomasz Sikorski”
From For Tomasz Sikorski

Antanas Dombrovskij
“NNN Broken Jazz”
From Various: Lithuanian Sound Art

Christiaan Virant
“Monkey Mind”
From Fistful Of Buddha

Ricardo Villalobos
From Dependent And Happy Three

Cut Hands
“Erzulie D’En Tort”
From Black Mamba
(Very Friendly)

Masayoshi Urabe
“Kampanerura I”
From Kampanerura

Moonpool & Dead Band
“Cyber Rebels”
From Human Fly
(Not Not Fun)

Keiji Haino
From A Document Film Of Keiji Haino
(Purple Trap)

Charles Hayward
“I’ve Been Watching You”
From Trademark Ground
(Oto Acoustic)

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