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Adventures In Sound And Music 28 June 2012

July 2012

Hosted by Derek Walmsley, with wedding music from Ethiopia (traditional songs arranged by Getachew Degefu) and Syria, Tamil, India, gnawa trance music from Morroco, the Big Band music of Cairo's Salah Ragab, plus music from improvisors the world over in aid of Japanese charities following the Fukushima disaster.

Salah Ragab

from The Pyramid Shaped Box Set

Getachew Degefu

from Wedding Songs
(Domino Sound)

The Divine Healer’s Church: Nima Assembly
"Onyame Ba"

from I Have My Liberty! Gospel Sounds from Accra, Ghana

Unidentified Prisoners from Shelby County Workhouse
"John Henry"

from Jail House Bound:John Lomax's First Southern Prison Recordings, 1933
(West Virginia Press Sound Archive)

Mamoud Ghania

from Eat The Dream: Gnawa Music from Essaouira
(Sublime Frequencies)

Mtendeni Maulid Ensemble

from The Moon Has Risen – A Sufi Performance from Zanzibar
(Buda Musique)

Mohamed Al Ali
"Mili Alay"

from Dabke: Sounds Of The Syrian Houran
(Sham Palace)

Michael Pisaro
"The Bell-Maker, from Four Pieces For Recorded Percussion (Il Faut Attendre)"

from Fukushima!

Michael Pisaro/Toshiya Tsunoda
"Crosshatches Section 1:1"

from Crosshatches

Austin Cesear
"Cloud Hall"

from Cruise Forever
(Public Information)

Austin Cesear
"If You Knew What Would You Do"

from Cruise Forever
(Public Information)

Gary War
"Thousand Yard Stare"

from Jared's Lot
(Spectrum Spools)

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