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Adventures In Sound And Music on 5 May 2016

May 2016

Adventures In Sound And Music on Resonance FM, hosted by Emily Bick. Featuring tracks by Allen Ginsberg, Orchestra Of Spheres, Olivia Wyatt & Bitchin Bajas, Oreo Jones, Carla Dal Forno, SassyBlack, and others.

Allen Ginsberg
“Capitol Air”
from The Last Word On First Blues

“Pas De Chance”
from Tre

“Time In EU”
from Live In Paris
(Self released)

Orchestra Of Spheres
“Walking Through Walls”
from Brothers And Sisters Of The Black Lagoon

Olivia Wyatt & Bitchin Bajas
“Nam Liam/Hexagon”
from Sailing A Sinking Sea
(Drag City)

Olivia Wyatt & Bitchin Bajas
“La Boon/Tsunami”
from Sailing A Sinking Sea
(Drag City)

Oreo Jones
“Fholston Paradise”
from Cash For Gold
(Rad Summer)

from No More Weak Dates
(Self released)

“Do Not Leave Wet”
from Collapse

Kein Zweiter
“Komm Herein!”
from Teilstück Für Totalen Schwung
(90 Prozent Wasser)

Klaus Johann Grobe
“Geschichten Aus Erster Hand”
from Spagat Der Liebe
(Trouble In Mind)

Moqaddem Mohammed Ben Salem And Ensemble
“Third Sqel (Zagora)”
from Music Of Morocco: Recorded By Paul Bowles, 1959
(Dust To Digital)

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids
from We All Be Africans

Peder Mannerfelt
“BZ Reaction”
from Controlling Body
(Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)

John Foxx & The Maths
from 21st Century: A Man, A Woman And A City

String Noise
“Little Man With A Gun In His Hand”
from Covers
(Self released)

from A Hermitage
(Bella Union)

CCR Headcleaner
“Brown Acid”
from Tear Down The Wall
(In The Red)

Carla Dal Forno
“Fast Moving Cars”
from Fast Moving Cars
(Blackest Ever Black)

Sam Kidel
“Disruptive Muzak”
from Disruptive Muzak
(Death of Rave)

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