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Adventures In Sound And Music 30 January 2014

February 2014

Jennifer Lucy Allan hosts this edition of our weekly Resonance FM show, with a 30 minute mix of tracks and sound recordings made during the Multimadeira festival, featured in this month's Global Ear. Every Thursday 9–10:30pm (BST).

"Soundtrack From The Film Hermafrodiitit"
from Soundtrack From The Film Hermafrodiitit
(N&B Research Digest)

Benedict Drew

from Notes On The Anxiety Of A Record Running Out
(No label)

Sten Hanson
"Am Stremgsten Verboten"
from The Sonospher Retrospective
(Algha Marghen)

Phill Niblock
"Four Arthurs Superimposed With Two Octaves And A Fifth"
(Issue Project Room)

Holly Herndon
from Chorus 12"
(RVNG Intl)

Don Cherry
from Mu Second Part
(BYG Records)


"Oceans, Beds, Hills"
"Cruise Ships"
Jonas Reinhardt - "Young Colossus"
Jonathan Reus - "Live At Multimadeira" (excerpt)
Ana Irene Rodrigues & Lukatoyboy - "Rehearsal #2" (excerpt)
Lukatoyboy - "Waves Remix 2"
Kiko C Esseiva & Scilia Larage - "Live At Multimadeira" (excerp)
"Windmills 4"
Chris Wood, excerpt from Multimadeira soundwalk
Chris Wood - "Live At Multimadeira" (excerpt)
Blood Music - "House Loop"
Blood Music - "Swimming Drumming Bars"
"Waves Ending 1"
Stangliczky - "Live At Multimadeira" (excerpt)
Stephanie Hannah - "Watchdogs"

(All field recordings by JLA and Lukatoyboy)

Dream Sequence
"Side A"
from Cosmic Eye
(Light In The Attic)

Bass Clef
"Neon Black And Vulcane"
from Bugbranded EP
(Public Information)

Keiji Haino
"Black Petal"
from Black Blues (Violent Version)
(Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier)

Terry Riley
from Autodreamographical Tales

Harri Vuori
from Elektroakustische Musik Aus Finnland
(Editions RZ)

People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz
"Moon Magic"
from Moon Magic
(Illegal Art)

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